Timber cooling towers

Scierie Mandray has produced construction timber to manufacture cooling towers for over
30 years. We have followed market developments which now require ever more sophisticated timber preparation and quality.


Phases expertly conducted
at Scierie Mandray

For this highly specific market, the process is broken down into a number of phases which are fully mastered by our sawmill.


The species used are usually Scots pine or fir tree and spruce. The quality of the sawing complies with the mechanical grading standards for structural timber resistance and benefits from the EC marking. Production is certified C18 – C24 or C30 (technical file) according to the technical requirements (cf. certificates). A special team monitors all the timber cut according to instructions required to build the tower. Scierie Mandray delivers all volumes commonly required for such projects ranging from a few dozen to several thousand cubic metres.


Required before autoclave treatment, the wood is brought down to a moisture content of less than 25%. The quality of drying at Scierie Mandray guarantees the absence of crevices and warping. However, drying fissures which don’t harm the strength of the timber may be present. They are part of the very nature of timber. They close up as soon as the timber is humidified. (technical file)

Profiling and planing

For certain parts used in the future cooling tower, such as the upper floor, interior partitions and guardrails, the timber is planed or profiled like a board with a tongue and groove. To do this, our sawmill is equipped with a new Weinig profiling centre which began operation in 2010. (technical file)

Special antiskid profiles are also available and can be custom-made on request.


According to our customers’ specifications and plans, whether in digital or paper form, all the parts for the cooling tower project are milled before treatment. Lengthwise, corner or oblique cuts, drilling, recesses, counter sinking and so forth are carried out on CNC milling machines which are precise to a dozen or so millimetres. (technical file)

Preparing packs and marking items

All the items are numbered according to a specification list provided by the customer and referenced in the packing list. Production and dispatching take into account the priorities on the work site and the order of supplies requested by the customer.

Attachment pins

On request, assembly reinforcement parts such as pins, bulldog hardware, plates and rings can be attached on site by our Scierie Mandray teams.

Autoclave treatment

The preservation of the timber is guaranteed by autoclave treatment. The products used are copper-chrome or organic copper based. The treatment cycles guarantee traceability. They are registered individually and the station is certified 9001 (cf. certificates).

The treatment protocols meet French standards and the German standard VGB STANDARD VGB R 611 U.

Loading on containers and dispatching

Dispatching goods by truck or in containers is conducted in due time respecting the product flows requested and loading priorities.

Certificates, quality plans

All certificates and quality plans are fully controlled and delivered at each phase.



Our references

(over 100 m³)


  • West Burton (UK), 3 500 m³


  • Alstom & RWENpower, Staythorpe (UK) 2500 m³
  • Dresser Rand, Le Havre (France), 100 m³
  • Total Petrochemicals, Antwerp (Belgium), 120 m³


  • BASF, Antwerp (Belgium), 500 m³


  • Siemens Offenburg, Knapsak (Germany), 1200 m³


  • Alstom, Prony (New-Caledonia), 150 m³
  • Gas Natural, Cartagène (Spain), 100 m³
  • Duro Felguera Ventanilla (Peru), 150 m³
  • Edison, Torviscosa (Italy), 250 m³


  • Monterotondo, centrale Geothermoelestrica (Italy), 100 m³


  • Total Fina Donges (France) 100 m³


  • Termorio SA, Geracao Thermeletrica (Brazil), 1200 m³
  • Alstom, Los Azufres (Spain), 500 m³
  • Total Fina Elf, La Mede (France), 100 m³


  • Ajinomoto, Amiens (France), 100 m³
  • Roquette, Lestrem (France), 100 m³
  • CCC, Ibertec, Hermosillo (Mexico), 150 m³
  • Krebs Spechim, ICS Darou (Senegal), 350 m³
  • CTCC, Castejon Elerebro (Spain), 300 m³
  • ABB Alsom, San Roque (Spain), 600 m³


  • Grande Paroisse, Mazingarbe (France), 100 m³


  • CCPP, Sengkang (Indonesia), 100 m³
  • Cikarang, Listrindo (Indonesia), 300 m³
  • Amoco Chemical (Belgium), 150 m³
  • Thai Copper (Thailand), 105 m³


  • Shell, ABB Lumus Global, Moerdijk (Netherlands), 270 m³