Joinery quality timber

For use in joinery, mouldings or DIY. For making solid wood panels, skirting boards or doorframes, Scierie Mandray delivers flawless, small-section, quality, knot-free timber. In the shape of square-edged or other planks, chevrons or battens, all products can be delivered on request after artificial drying or Class 2 colourless treatment.


To order

Remember to specify the following characteristics.
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Choosing the right species

  • Fir tree, spruce: (species file)
    > 27 mm mixed widths,
    > 27 x 40, 60 x 80,
    > Drying on request.
  • Scots pine: (species file)
    > 27 mm x 55, 80, 110, 135, 160, 185, 210.
    > Dried to 12 % moisture content.
  • Nota bene: we do not produce unedged timber, loose ware, quarter sawn and rift sawn square timber.

Choosing the right length

  • From 2 m to 6 m (by multiples of 50 cm).

Options available

You are…

A moulding specialist,
solid wood board manufacturer or joiner?

We can meet your needs with our in-stock products.

A home builder or DIY expert?

We can supply you with joinery quality cuts already dried, planed or moulded according to your needs.