A modern, top-performance production plant

Every year at Scierie Mandray,
we update and increase our industrial plant
in order to offer our customers
new sawing and cutting products:


  • Baljer Zembrod complete log processing plant
  • BZ cutting carriage
  • Vallon Kone 90 bark stripper
  • Primultini headrig band saw, flywheels diam. 160 c
  • Primultini carriage, 9 m with independent terminals
  • Slabber
  • MEM Cobra Mega 6 multi-blade circular saw
  • MEM Cobra junior edge saw (automatic edge saw with scanner and automatic sorting line)
  • Hundegger Speed Cut cutting and milling machine (2009)
  • Hundegger K1 CNC machining centre
  • Nailing machine (special pallets up to 12 m)
  • Cathild kilns (1991 and 2004) (direct gas heating)
  • Weinig Profimat 45 planer (greenwood planer)
  • Weinig Unimat 23 L planer, 7 tool block (2010) (to process cladding and decking)
  • MEM resaw twin (2007)
  • Hyster 5 t, Fenwick 4.5 t, 3 t fork-lift trucks and telescopic handler
  • Mauchamp computerised management of the production line
  • Holtec stack cutter
  • Armstrong grinder
  • Side Pro band saw grinding machine
  • Wright grinder for circular saws and Armstrong True Sizer
  • Rondamat Weinig